About "girl model"

October, 2012

The Japan Modeling Agencies Association (JMAA) charges that the documentary film picture “girl model”, which has been released in various countries, portrays details that differ from the truth for everyone involved in the modeling industry, and that the film is a work that damages trust in the Japanese modeling industry. In addition, we strongly protest to the creators of the film that it was shot without conveying the intent of the production to either the modeling agencies or the models cast, and moreover, that the product that they made up from forced performances was publicized as a documentary film.

Japanese modeling agencies recruit and manage models in accordance with the law and contracts. We believe that this is common knowledge among all the mother agencies sending models to Japan, but once again we pledge the following three points and assert that Japan is a country with a modeling business that is safe and sound for both models and mother agencies.

  1. 1. JMAA members do not force models who have fallen short of their contracted amounts while they are in Japan to return to Japan to compensate for the amount of the contracts.
  2. 2. The Japan Modeling Agencies Association (JMAA) has agreed with JMAA members that when a model under 15 years of age is recruited, the model will come to Japan with a guardian or an agent of the guardian.
  3. 3. The Japan Modeling Agencies Association (JMAA) and JMAA members recognize that there are problems in the modeling industry, such as child labor and hiring models that are too thin or unhealthy, and we refrain from actively recruiting juveniles and strive to manage models who are able to recall what a healthy body image is.

The Japan Modeling Agencies Association (JMAA) was founded in 1993 and is the only industry group in Japan. Its main purpose is the maintenance, management and advocacy of publicity rights of models and the Association collaborates with the Immigration Bureau of Japan through its International Relation Committee, working to ensure that models can enter and exit the country and engage in activities safely and in compliance with the law while they are in Japan.

Japan Modeling Agencies Association
Board Chairman Yoichi Oba
International Relation Committee Director Yoshie Furuya