Protect publicity rights

Logo of Protect publicity rights!

The Japan Modeling Agencies Association acquired its status as a general incorporated association in December 2009.

Japan Modeling Agencies Association will build on its activities to date by working hard to develop and improve the model industry, ensure wide understanding of "publicity rights", and carry out environmental maintenance for smooth dealings with all sponsors and clients.

Together with "publicity rights" protecting against unauthorized portrait photography and use without consent, there are also "publicity rights" that protect economic value produced by third parties. When using portraits for commercial purposes, consent must be gained in advance for terms of use such as the period and media, etc. Use, reproduction or transformation without permission is a violation of "publicity rights".

The spread of digital machinery has made it simple and easy to copy and change images, which has resulted in a state where there are various rights infringements. We have set forth the "Protect publicity rights!" slogan in order to protect rights owners and promote smooth distribution and fair use of portraits.